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Environmental Education Outreach

Many years ago, the pristine environment provided subsistence for the Anishinaabe which was integrated into cultural and spiritual identity. Our environment has since been diminished and degraded due to the large scale use of natural resources and the cast off of waste from modern society. Environmental education is a necessary component to help change our surroundings for the better. Our Fond du Lac Reservation youth are provided with the foundation of environmental education to help supply them with the knowledge needed to help protect our environment.

Educational Media

Homemade Baby Care Recipes - How to make several baby care items at home!

Container Gardening - Tips and techniques for growing your garden in containers. Great for people who live in apartments, or otherwise lack the space and/or time to grow a larger outdoor garden.

Non-Toxic Skin Care - Recipes for non-toxic skin care products.

Non-Toxic Cleaning - A guide to making non-toxic environmentally friendly household cleaners.

Eat Fish Often? a guide to eating fish and avoiding contaminants.

Expectant Mother's Guide to Eating Fish brochure

Environmental Stewardship brochure